WHOA! Obama’s ‘Kill Whitey’ Artist Snuck Hidden Detail In His Painting – Did You Spot It?

If you thought that Obama’s portrait artist, the “Kill Whitey” painter who likes to draw white people being beheaded by black folks was disturbing, then you haven’t seen anything yet!

It turns out that the artist seems to hide some disturbing sexual details in his paintings and when you finally see it, then you may throw up. I suggest getting a barf bag because what I’m about to show you is grotesque and perverted. It’s probably why Barack and Michelle Obama chose Kehinde Wiley as their preferred painter.

Kehinde Wiley, the man behind the portraits, is being exposed as someone who likes to draw sperm in his paintings. Some of his recent works show numerous sperm hidden in smaller sections of the details. The pictures are now being leaked on social media and people are having a hard time looking at the disturbing images.

People have a much harder time figuring out what made this artist so impressive that Barack and Michelle Obama would agree to be painted by him. Now we see why and it’s a tough act to swallow.

Here’s one example of sperm hidden in Wiley’s paintings. Notice it swimming around like it doesn’t belong there? That’s because it’s a painting and not a uterus. Perhaps Wiley can keep himself in control next time because this is just gross and unnecessary. If this were to be a funny movie or late night adult comedy, then perhaps it would be acceptable, but it’s not.

Here’s an example that shows many sperms crawling around the entire painting. It’s a painting of sperm. Another picture shows a grown man surrounded by sperm. Another example shows the bottom of the frame corner covered in sperm as well. The most disgusting example is seeing former President Barack Obama’s forehead covered in sperm. If you didn’t see this yet, then take a look.

It’s horrendous and quite disturbing. Not only is the former President sitting in a bizarre chair with a garden growing around him, but he has a strange spermy liquid on his forehead, and this is where some people gag and throw up. This is just nasty and Wiley either did this on purpose, or he has a slightly demented form of perversion hiding beneath his “Kill Whitey” attitude.

Infowars reported more on the sticky situation:

“The media previously reported that semen is a common motif in Wiley’s artwork, and sure enough it was added to the portrait of Obama, right on his forehead.

Is this symbolic of how world leaders treated Obama during his presidency? Likely yes, given the Iranian nuclear deal and other lopsided treaties designed to screw America over in the long-run.

“The background [of Wiley’s painting Napoleon Leading the Army] is also infused with tiny paintings of sperm – Wiley’s way of poking fun at the highly charged masculinity and propagation of gendered identity that are involved in the Western tradition of portraiture,” art critic Dr. Gayle Clemans pointed out.

Wiley was also accused of adding an “extra member” to Obama: a sixth finger on the president’s left hand.”

The situation with the not-so-very Presidential portraits is already out of control. Both pictures are terrible. They are very well painted concepts of an idiotic idea. Now we find out that Obama’s head is covered in sperm and I’m laughing and gagging at the same time because this is straight up nasty. What’s going on in that painter’s head? Maybe that’s not something we want to know!

The same guy, Mr. Wiley, is also responsible for painting white people getting their heads cut off by black people. Is this painter fellow racist and perverted? He is very biased and perverted in his painting work. It’s extremely disturbing that his work was presented as the official portraits of a former President.

It also makes you wonder what’s going on in the heads of the Obama family. Didn’t they look at Wiley’s previous work? Didn’t they see all the sperm swimming around in his paintings? Didn’t they know that he beheaded humans in his work? What went wrong that made the former White House inhabitants entirely miss the sick details by this painter?

Did the Obama family want it this way?

One thought to “WHOA! Obama’s ‘Kill Whitey’ Artist Snuck Hidden Detail In His Painting – Did You Spot It?”

  1. It has always been the Obama’s way all during his so-called Presidency–sperm represents his leadership evidently and they had to be aware of the artists work and loved him !!!!!

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