The SICKENING Truth About Obama’s Artist Just Came Out – White People HORRIFIED At What Was Found!

Former President Barack Obama and his old lady Michelle Obama just had their portraits debut to the world and the results were hilarious. As with most Presidents of the United States, they get professional portraits done and they’re supposed to represent the professionalism and great American standard. Barrack and Michelle went another route, and their portraits came out a bit different. Their paintings look like they were paid for with an EBT card and don’t look “Presidential” one bit.

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Barack Obama sits on a wooden chair surrounded by flowers. He must have sat there for eight years and watched the plants grow around him. Michelle Obama sits on a chair floating in a realm of blank emptiness, which amounts to the level of contributions she’s made to the country. Ruining a school lunch program does not count as a contribution.

People on social media had a lot to say about the awkward paintings. People pointed out how odd they were and how they barely resembled the former White House residents. We gaze at Barack Obama surrounded by flowers and imagine the scene where Homer Simpson fades into a bush, only to hope that Obama one day fades into a bush as well, but doesn’t resurface unless he’s on a deserted island. Michelle Obama’s portrait looks like another woman. It doesn’t resemble her in the least. Perhaps the painter felt bad and tried to make her look better. It looks like an Aunt Jemima was painted in the 1700’s and does not look anything like what the First Lady should look like in a professional painting.

The portraits were so terrible that people kept asking “who painted this” and a quick Google search provided an immediate answer. Kehinde Wiley painted the pictures. Next people wondered who that was and if it was a male or female. Another quick Google search, and we find out that Kehinde Wiley is an African American male. It looks like Kehinde Wiley has a lot of other portraits that are beautiful. He does some fantastic work! But that’s when we noticed something that stuck out like a sore hitchhiker thumb. This is something that would make me not particularly fond of hiring him if I was a former President. This is turning out to be an absolute public relations nightmare for the Obama family. We found that Kehinde Wiley has painted a portrait of a black person holding decapitated white person head. That seems very racist and morbid. This is not someone I would hire if I was a former President. It looks as though the Obama family just found out the hard way. Either that or they just don’t care.

The Daily Caller had more information on the background of the beheaded white people portraits:
“Former President Barack Obama’s portrait painter once depicted a black woman holding the cutoff head of a white woman in a reimagining of a story from the book of Judith.

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Kehinde Wiley, the painter of Obama’s portrait for the National Portrait Gallery, reimagined the story of Judith beheading Holofernes from the deuterocanonical Book of Judith as a black woman beheading a white woman years ago.

“It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing,” Wiley told New York Magazine previously.

The original story tells the tale of a young widow named Judith who steps forward to save her people by seducing and then cutting off the head of Holofernes, an Assyrian general. Countless artists have reimagined the tale, but usually feature a man and a woman. In Wiley’s version of events, Judith is a black woman who cuts off the head of a white woman.”

Most of us can understand the artistic appeal at recreating a piece of history in the form of a controversial painting. I can appreciate the artist’s daringness to try something different. It’s great when people do things that will get people talking, which these pictures surely did for the artist. In fact, the artist probably became a lot more popular when it was found out that he did something that looked racist to many people. While this isn’t art that someone would hang in their family room full of kids, it is art and art is strange.

The problem here is that it’s probably not appropriate for a former President to hire someone with a controversial history of art that depicts murdering people. Obama was supposedly the one who mended all racial tensions, but Obama sends the wrong message by hiring someone who paints pictures that scream “kill whitey.”

The art and artist are not the problems in this situation. The problem lies in the mind of Barack and Michelle Obama and their apparent interest in causing widespread division among Americans. They’re adding fuel to the fire of race relations by chosing an artist who paints beheaded white people. That’s the bigger issue that needs to be addressed. They should have selected an artist who does not have a history of painting white people with their head’s cut off. As for the artist, he’s just trying to make a few dollars, so let’s not go too hard on him. He just minded his own business until Obama came along and painted him as a racist sinner.

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Hiring this artist to do formal Presidential portraits is like hiring a gangster rapper who says the “N-Word” 50 times in every song to write speeches for Donald Trump.

Maybe the artist knew Obama would get heat for this and painted the worst Presidential portraits on purpose. There’s always that possibility that the artist made them look terrible on purpose, and if he did that, then that would be the funniest prank on a former President ever.

If we know one thing about the portraits, it’s this: they’re terrible.

Is this what Obama was thinking when he decided who to hire?

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