Mike Huckabee Had Some Strong Words For Jeff Sessions, Heads Are Going To Roll

The past year has been full of controversy. Agents within the federal government have been exposed for bias, and evidence suggests that the Democrats were running amuck in the last administration.

However, there have been zero prosecutions. Former Governor Mike Huckabee called out Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently over this issue, and it wasn’t pretty.

One of the reasons that people voted for Trump was because of his stance on law and order. He promised to support our police and the rule of law.

That was important after we had eight years of a president who insulted our men and women in blue. Trump was going to change all that. In fact, he promised to go after crooked politicians who break the law.

Trump promised to bring justice against the Democrats. Most of us are aware of the shocking violations they’ve committed.

During the Obama administration and the election, Democrats were breaking the law. This last year we learned even more about dishonest federal agents.

From FBI agents manipulating investigations to Hillary Clinton aids with shady business, the Democrats were busy breaking the law.

Yet where are the investigations? Where are the indictments? It seems like the Department of Justice, under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is doing very little.

Mike Huckabee appeared on Fox News recently to express his opinion. He said, in no uncertain terms, that the American people will lose patience with Sessions if nothing is done.

On Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R) argued that without a prosecution against Huma Abedin, “we’re all going to lose patience with the attorney general.”

Huckabee said that if Huma Abedin is not prosecuted, “I think we’re all going to lose patience with the attorney general. I love Jeff Sessions. I think he’s a great guy. But he’s got to do the job that he’s there to do, and that’s to universally enforce the law. And when I say universally, without regard to who a person is, if they’re the highest person in the land, or if they are the lowest person in the land.”

Huckabee also cited Lois Lerner, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page as people who should be held accountable. [Source: FoxNews]

We’ve recently learned, yet again, how the Clinton campaign violated rules regarding classified information. Huma Abedin had sensitive information on her computer. Information that was being sent around, with zero regards to the laws of this country.

It warrants at least an investigation. Hillary Clinton and her people proved they did not care about our country’s laws. Sharing classified information like that can expose our country. Hackers and other agents can intercept that information. It poses a serious threat to our national security.

Yet did Clinton care? Of course not. We know she shared that information on her illegal private server. Now, we see that her closest aid was doing the same on her unsecured computer. These are serious threats to our country. So why doesn’t Attorney General Jeff Sessions look into it?

Meanwhile, the American people have to continue to suffer the indignity of the Russian investigation. Mueller and his cronies are digging around, with zero evidence to back this case. All so that Democrats can find a reason to attack the President. But we have real evidence to show that Hillary, Huma, Obama, and many others were up to no good. Still, there are no investigations or indictments of any kind.

The American people won’t stand for it forever. Our President is working hard to restore our country’s strength and prosperity, but the vile liberal media and rats in D.C. are trying to take him down. Crooks and criminals roam free, and that’s unacceptable.

Mike Huckabee is absolutely right when he talks about Americans losing faith in our justice system. Americans will continue to lose trust if nothing is done. What do you think? Will Sessions finally prosecute Hillary and her cronies? Will justice one day be done against Obama’s corrupt administration?

BOMBSHELL From WikiLeaks!! Hillary Colluded!!! SOMEONE WILL BE GOING TO PRISON!!!

If there were one person that deserved to serve a life sentence of hard labor, it would be Hillary Clinton.

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That woman has done everything in her power for years to undermine the constitution and the American people with her underhanded political dealings, and traitorous deeds. Not only is Hillary guilty of treason against the United States, but she is the prime suspect in hundreds of suspicious murders that have taken place over the years.

Then, last year, stunning new revelations were discovered after Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, released hacked emails that showed the depth of depravity Hillary had sunk. In these emails, the American people were stunned to witness how far Hillary would go to ensure that she would win the presidential election, and how far her staff would go to cover her crimes up.

For the past year, Hillary Clinton has not been able to shake the questions surrounding those emails or the crimes she has been accused of, and now those crimes have grown.

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Just today, WikiLeaks has released evidence that Hillary Clinton and her campaign were the ones who were colluding and they have the smoking gun to prove it.

Over the last year, the mainstream media and liberal pundits have been busy pushing the false narrative that President Trump conspired with Russia to win the election. However, every time these liberal hacks thought they had found the proof to impeach President Trump it backfired in their anti-American faces and pointed right back to Hillary Clinton.

Now, more proof has emerged that shows that Hillary Clinton was the only one attempting to sway the American people’s vote, and we have the email to prove it.

Here is a little backstory for you.

On Saturday, The Democrat tentacle, The New York Times, published a story titled “Republican Attacks on Mueller and F.B.I. Open New Rift in G.O.P.” This story apparently drew the ire of WikiLeaks founder Jullian Assange who just published on Twitter alleged evidence that a Times reporter fed the State Department email updates of the stories the paper would be publishing SEVERAL DAYS before the stories were released during the time Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

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Now, who is guilty of conspiring again?

Here is more from Daily Wire:

The heads-up email was intended to give State (and Clinton) time to come up with some spin for stories that may have caused problems. Or, in another possible scenario, the heads up could give the State Department time to create a diversion for the same day, thus overriding a damaging story with other news its friends in the mainstream media would happily cover instead.

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The players in the WikiLeaks email are interesting. Scott Shane is the national security reporter for The Times. And the recipient of his email, Philip Crowley, was at the time the United States Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs under Clinton’s State Department.

As 2017 comes to an end, its clear the Clinton scandals won’t go away anytime soon.

On Friday, the Justice Department released thousands of Clinton emails. “Several emails with classified information from former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin were among a tranche of documents released Friday that were found on Anthony Weiner’s personal computer during an FBI probe,” USA Today reported.

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After the emails were made public, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton called the release a “major victory.”

“Judicial Watch has forced the State Department to finally allow Americans to see these public documents,” Fitton said. “That these government docs were on Anthony Weiner’s laptop dramatically illustrates the need for the Justice Department to finally do a serious investigation of Hillary Clinton’s and Huma Abedin’s obvious violations of law.”

The FBI said most of the emails ended up on Weiner’s computer because of backups from Abedin’s personal electronic devices. Former FBI Director James Comey has said investigators could not prove Abedin acted with criminal intent or “had a sense that what she was doing was in violation of the law.”

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A November 2010 email was partially redacted due to “classified” and “confidential” information. It detailed a planned call between Clinton and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, where then-Secretary of State Clinton would warn al-Faisal about Wikileaks planning to release sensitive documents.

That same month, Wikileaks released the U.S. diplomatic cables leak, known as “Cablegate.”

If these emails are correct and it shows that Hillary Clinton and her staff created diversions so that the truth was not reported on then someone needs to be held accountable.

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It is the time that The Department of Justice opens an investigation into this crooked woman so that she has to pay for all that she has done to this country.

Hopefully, there are still some good people at The New York Times that would be willing to testify and bring down the criminal enterprise known as the Clinton family once and for all.

BREAKING NEWS From DC…. It’s Happening On Monday! THIS IS WRONG!!

Sometimes as the president of the most powerful nation in the world, you just have to be wise enough to know how to pick your battles. And this is exactly what President Donald Trump has done when he decided to just drop the whole military transgendered recruit ban appeal.

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Today it’s being reported by multiple media news outlets that the Trump Administration has decided not to appeal court rulings reversing the ban of Transgenered people from enlisting in the U.S. military starting this coming Monday, January 1st, 2018. The department went as far as to withdraw all its legal challenges to several federal court rulings that blocked the administration from banning transgendered people from enlisting in the U.S. armed services. There was no immediate reason as to why the Trump administration had a chance of heart, but it can be assumed that the LGBTQXYZ Mafia probably had something to do with all this.

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Although the talking point pushed by the social justice warriors seems to be that if anyone wants to put their lives on the line to defend our country they should be allowed to do so, there are two major issues why Transgender people really shouldn’t be allowed in the military. The first one is that Transgenderism was considered a mental disorder until the DSM-5 decided to reclassify the meaning in order to push the agenda and the second one is the cost of taxpayer-funded sex change operations are just way too high.


Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender is ‘Mental Disorder;’ Sex Change ‘Biologically Impossible’

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(CNSNews.com) — Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.

Dr. McHugh, the author of six books and at least 125 peer-reviewed medical articles, made his remarks in a recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal, where he explained that transgender surgery is not the solution for people who suffer a “disorder of ‘assumption’” – the notion that their maleness or femaleness is different than what nature assigned to them biologically.

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He also reported on a new study showing that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people. Dr. McHugh further noted studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic of children who had expressed transgender feelings but for whom, over time, 70%-80% “spontaneously lost those feelings.”

While the Obama administration, Hollywood, and major media such as Time magazine promote transgenderism as normal, said Dr. McHugh, these “policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions as a right in need of defending rather than as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.”

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“This intensely felt sense of being transgendered constitutes a mental disorder in two respects. The first is that the idea of sex misalignment is simply mistaken – it does not correspond with physical reality. The second is that it can lead to grim psychological outcomes.”

The transgendered person’s disorder, said Dr. McHugh, is in the person’s “assumption” that they are different than the physical reality of their body, their maleness or femaleness, as assigned by nature. It is a disorder similar to a “dangerously thin” person suffering anorexia who looks in the mirror and thinks they are “overweight,” said McHugh.

This assumption, that one’s gender is only in the mind regardless of anatomical reality, has led some transgendered people to push for social acceptance and affirmation of their own subjective “personal truth,” said Dr. McHugh. As a result, some states – California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts – have passed laws barring psychiatrists, “even with parental permission, from striving to restore natural gender feelings to a transgender minor,” he said.

The pro-transgender advocates do not want to know, said McHugh, that studies show between 70% and 80% of children who express transgender feelings “spontaneously lose those feelings” over time. Also, for those who had sexual reassignment surgery, most said they were “satisfied” with the operation “but their subsequent psycho-social adjustments were no better than those who didn’t have the surgery.”

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“And so at Hopkins we stopped doing sex-reassignment surgery, since producing a ‘satisfied’ but still troubled patient seemed an inadequate reason for surgically amputating normal organs,” said Dr. McHugh.

The former Johns Hopkins chief of psychiatry also warned against enabling or encouraging certain subgroups of the transgendered, such as young people “susceptible to suggestion from ‘everything is normal’ sex education,” and the schools’ “diversity counselors” who, like “cult leaders,” may “encourage these young people to distance themselves from their families and offer advice on rebutting arguments against having transgender surgery.”

Dr. McHugh also reported that there are “misguided doctors” who, working with very young children who seem to imitate the opposite sex, will administer “puberty-delaying hormones to render later sex-change surgeries less onerous – even though the drugs stunt the children’s growth and risk causing sterility.”

Such action comes “close to child abuse,” said Dr. McHugh, given that close to 80% of those kids will “abandon their confusion and grow naturally into adult life if untreated ….”

“’Sex change’ is biologically impossible,” said McHugh. “People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.”

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This is all about agenda folks. The very next day after the United States Supreme Court imposed Gay Marriage on all 50 states there was an instant pivot to “Transgender Rights,” which is something most of us didn’t even know existed just five short years ago. All this is just part of the far left liberal anti-Christian agenda and their need to shove what is anti-bible and anti-proven science down our collective throats. And they always seem to get their way.

Please share if you agree people who suffer from a mental illness have no place on the battlefield…


Well, well, well….it seems we were right all along.  Conservative Watchdog Group Judicial Watchcontinues to uncover corruption upon corruption and lie upon lie as the Obama administration’s house of cards continues to fall. Director of Investigations and Research at Judicial Watch, Chris Farrell, was a guest on Fox News on Friday evening.

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Through the course of his interview, he revealed just how deep the rabbit hole goes, as he discussed at length the portion of Huma Abedin’s emails released by the State Department recently.

Farrell specifically detailed how disgraced former FBI Director James Comey perjured himself before Congress when discussing the emails on more than one occasion. At least four emails determined to be classified were found among 2,800 documents stored on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner.  His wife Huma Abedin is the former deputy chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The emails date from 2010, 2011 and 2012 with various discussions with Middle Eastern leaders including Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

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Prior to the documents’ release by the State Department large and lengthy portions up to and including entire pages were redacted.

Three of the emails in question were sent either to or from an address called “BBB Backup,” which one email identifies as a backup of a Blackberry Bold 9700, believed to belong to Abedin.

FOX News reported Friday –

At least four of the documents released Friday are marked “classified.”

One November 2010 document that was released shows Abedin forwarding an email to an address titled “Anthony Campaign.”

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and suit

Former FBI Director James Comey said during a congressional hearing earlier this year that he believed Abedin regularly forwarded emails to Weiner for him to print out so she could give them to Clinton.

The segment on Fox News goes on to point out that Judicial Watch requested these emails –

The conservative group Judicial Watch filed suit against the State Department for all official department emails sent or received by Abedin on a non-state.gov email address.

“This is a major victory,” the group’s president, Tom Fitton, said in a Friday statement. “After years of hard work in federal court, Judicial Watch has forced the State Department to finally allow Americans to see these public documents.”

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and suit

Fitton added, “That these government docs were on Anthony Weiner’s laptop dramatically illustrates the need for the Justice Department to finally do a serious investigation of Hillary Clinton’s and Huma Abedin’s obvious violations of law.”

Farrell stated of Abedin’s emails –

…I know that people have been jailed for a fraction, a tiny fraction, of what has now been made public and documented through Judicial Watch’s litigation and so this really cries out for a legitimate investigation being done.

Your earlier clip with Mr. Comey talking about intent is a fraud.  There’s no requirement for proving intent under that particular citation I gave you a moment ago.  The intent is irrelevant.  The fact that the loss or the mishandling of the national defense information occurred – that’s the crime.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and suit

Frankly, these documents confirm the foundation for an indictment of Comey and [Peter] Strzok, the investigator who is at the center of this entire nightmare of a security problem.

One page of a document released Friday is heavily redacted and marked ‘classified’; it mentions ‘update on Hamas-PA talks,’ referring to the Palestinian Authority. Another is a four-page “call sheet” meant to guide Hillary through a sensitive phone call with Benjamin Netanyahu.

Yet a third is a detailed rundown of issues Hillary was expected to address during a call with Saud bin Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who served as Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister up until 2015.


The so-called “call sheet” relates to the upcoming expected publication of yet another massive trove of U.S. diplomatic cables by Wikileaks, with the call sheet advising Hillary to say –

“This appears to be the result of an illegal act in which a fully cleared intelligence officer stole information and gave it to a website. The person responsible will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

It appears to be a warning from Hillary to the Saudis about an impending leak of the “details of private conversations with your government on Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan.”

Naturally, as a civilian Weiner would have been prohibited from receiving, reading, or even possessing such documents without security clearance. Though a former congressman, he resigned in mid-2011 amid significant scandal.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and suit

It is also highly unlikely that he possessed such security clearance even while serving as a public official given that he did not serve on any House committees that would expose him to any sort of sensitive foreign policy matters.

Additionally, despite the designation of “classified” amongst specific documents intelligence agencies warn that the documents in question are “born classified,” meaning that their distribution is restricted whether or not they bear “classified” stamps or other identifying marks.

Comey has repeatedly shown he lacks testicular fortitude as well as any sort of basic moral compass with regard to holding the Clinton crime family accountable for their reign of terror over Washington and the rest of America when in the midst of a tense presidential campaign he refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and suit

He also refused to prosecute during the Whitewater scandal as well as other instances, appointing himself as a protector of sorts for the Clintons and allowing them to continue to function above the law.

FOX NEWS: “Mad Dog” Mattis Flees DC Overnight Without Telling Anyone, Now We Know Why

It is no secret that Secretary of Defense James Mattis needs no escort regardless of where he may decide to travel. If anyone was stupid enough to try and take him on they wouldn’t last too long.

Image result for FOX NEWS: “Mad Dog” Mattis Flees DC Overnight Without Telling Anyone, Now We Know Why

Yet it is still worthy of mentioning when he just suddenly seems to just leave America. We often wonder what in the world happened now to get the feet of such a man moving in a manner that was not mentioned and where in the world could he be going?

The most amazing thing about Mattis is that his solid-as-steel military reserve is equally balanced and matched by his big heart and compassion. We have heard the story of him taking over a lower ranking soldiers gate guard duty one year for Christmas because the soldier had a family and Mattis is a long time bachelor, and this year he is once again going out of his way to make Christmas perhaps just a bit merrier for some.

After leaving American soil with only one AP reporter with him, Mattis was seen with American troops in Cuba:Mattis has always gone out of his way to be with troops on Christmas and this year is no different. His itinerary also consists of Camp Lejeune, Ft. Bragg, and the Mayport naval base. We can be pretty sure that those are not his only stops.

Image result for FOX NEWS: “Mad Dog” Mattis Flees DC Overnight Without Telling Anyone, Now We Know Why

According to the Independent Journal Review :

On Wednesday, Secretary of Defense James Mattis left Washington, D.C., and did not tell the majority of the press that he had left, much less where he was going. It turns out he is currently on a trip visiting service members during the Christmas season.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Mattis will visit Camp Lejeune, Ft. Bragg, and the Mayport naval base. He is accompanied by one AP reporter. Pentagon Press Secretary Dana White did not say why the trip wasn’t announced.

Mattis has already visited the troops stationed at the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The AP reports he was only there to meet with service members and did not tour the detention facilities or discuss detainee policy.

He is the first defense secretary to visit the base since 2002, when then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld toured the facility shortly after the first detainees arrived.

Image result for FOX NEWS: “Mad Dog” Mattis Flees DC Overnight Without Telling Anyone, Now We Know Why

Here he is after leaving Cuba giving troops in Guantanamo a pep-talk:Mattis is known for being around the troops during the holidays, including the now-famous story of when he replaced a married major who was scheduled to be on guard duty on Christmas day. Because Mattis is not married, he took his place so the major could be with his family.

Telling then-Commandant Gen. Charles Krulak, who found him pulling duty: “Sir, I looked at the duty roster for today and there was a young major who had it who is married and had a family; and so I’m a bachelor, I thought why should the major miss out on the fun of having Christmas with his family, and so I took the duty for him.”

James Mattis is almost like the Santa Claus of the Military, and it is inspiring to see a man with so much on his shoulders every single day still continue to unselfishly give time to our men and women who cannot be home for the holidays. The troops have always been extremely grateful for the visits from Mattis, and he seems to boost their spirits just by being there. His life is the military and probably always will be which is why it is completely understandable that he knows exactly how hard the holidays are for those who are stuck in an unfamiliar place with no loved ones to share these special days with.

Image result for FOX NEWS: “Mad Dog” Mattis Flees DC Overnight Without Telling Anyone, Now We Know Why

I hope this is a tradition that Mattis continues for as long as he can. His heart inspires many to be more giving of their time even if they may not have the extra time to give. If he can find the time, then surely anyone can. May he have a wonderful Christmas and a safe trip all around.


Sheriff David A. Clarke of Milwaukee County, who is a steadfast supporter of President Donald Trump is now being investigated by federal agents only mere months after prosecutors denied to press charges after he was accused of threatening an unruly passenger on a flight back in January.Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and text

A recently discovered FBI search warrant which has been dated March 21, 2017, led FBI investigators to search Google for “information associated” with the sheriff’s email account.

They wanted info on communications after January 15, 2017, regarding the detention of Dan Black. Dan Black is the man who sued Clarke in February for allegedly having him detained and interrogated by deputies after a plane flight to Milwaukee. Something that is well within his right to do so as a sheriff.

Black claimed that it was Clarke who started the confrontation with him by asking him during the flight if he “had a problem?” He also went on to add that the sheriff’s office later posted a threatening statement, “Next time he or anyone else pulls this stunt on a plane they may get knocked out.”


Sheriff Clarke said he does not have to wait for someone to assault him to take proactive measures. He reserved the reasonable right to pre-empt a possible assault. His office declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The FBI is investigating him for allegedly misusing his authority as sheriff. The same FBI who we now know was in cahoots with Crooked Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party in order to take out Candidate Donald Trump. Interesting, don’t you think?

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and text

The Last Refuge Reports:

The Scale of FBI and DOJ Corruption is Beyond Comprehension…
Let us spend some productive time actually thinking about the processes of how to eliminate the entrenched tentacles of the corrupt deep state, specifically surrounding the politicization of the FBI and Dept of Justice, with a reasonable amount of intellectual honesty toward the scale of the endeavor.

It is entirely understandable that people are frustrated because the administrative agents within the Deep State apparatus appear to operate in a system, of their creation, that allows them to operate above the rule of law. Righteous voices rising up in frustration demanding action; wholesale destruction of those usurping agents with extreme prejudice.

Fair enough.

If you spend time looking at the scale and scope, I mean honestly looking at how deeply enmeshed those ideological entities are within the system, you would also have to admit the problem is not just a matter of eliminating a few dozen DOJ lawyers and FBI agents. The issue is much bigger. Example:

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and text

•Congressional investigators ask for documents. •The current management of the FBI and DOJ refuse to turn over those documents. •Frustration explodes.

However, it is important to remember the House and Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees contain both Democrats and Republicans. Any investigative information released to any congressional committee immediately becomes information for corrupt political operatives (Example: Adam Schiff) to share with their corrupt ideological allies inside the FBI and DOJ who are at risk from the investigative material.

Those corrupt FBI and DOJ officials are then tipped-off to the evidence that might be used against them. The corrupt political operatives within Congress, and the corrupt political agents inside the FBI and DOJ, then have the opportunity to shape, modify and organize the information for their corrupt political operatives in the media.

Defensive positions are formed.

The whole damned system is corrupt.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and text

The FBI was politicized and corrupted (Obama/Mueller/Comey).
The DOJ was politicized and corrupted (Obama/Holder/Lynch).
The CIA was politicized and corrupted (Obama/Brennan/Morell).
The ODNI was politicized and corrupted (Obama/Clapper).
The FBI counterintelligence units were politicized and corrupted (Comey/McCabe/Baker/Priestap/Strzok/Page).
The DOJ National Security Division was politicized and corrupted (Lynch/Yates/Carlin/McCord/Laufman/Evans/Weigman/Ohr); along with all of their colleagues, staff and support teams who willfully participated in the corruption.

The oversight committees inside congress are politicized and corrupted by ideological politicians who act to defend the interests of all the above.

Heck, the IRS was weaponized against American citizens; and by their own admission the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) was politicized and corrupted by the fraudulent and misleading information presented by the highest level FBI and DOJ officials – and then later used for political benefit and unlawful intention.

This is the reality. This is the current problem. This doesn’t change just because we are frustrated by the scale of it all…

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and text

As I previously outlined: spend enough time chasing these slippery rabbits through holes that lead to Deep State mirrored mazes and you develop ninja level cynicism skills.

Applying prior experience (Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, Clinton emails, etc) toward investigating the illegal 2016 FBI and DOJ “Trump Operation” does not present and confidence the corrupt, colluding and conspiratorial rabbits can be chased to the necessary dead end. That viewpoint is well understood, believe me.

Overlay an ridiculously corrupt American media, who share information through the primary prism of political benefit for ‘their team’, and your eyes fall out of your ears from rolling so much. Believe me, I understand -and accept- exponential cynicism by those who have watched years of gross lawlessness being swept under the swamp rugs.

But if you take a look at the approach being taken there does appear to be a much more thoughtful strategy being followed this time around.

The key to defeating all the professional swamp-dwellers is to: first, accept the scale of who your enemy is; and second, have all the prosecutorial systems strategically in place prior to the release of the most damning evidence against them. Any evidence released too soon allows the slippery usurpers to formulate a defense.

Why is the FBI even in operation still? Isn’t it about time it’s disbanded considering how damn corrupt they have been proven to be? This biased organization has already betrayed the public’s trust to the point it will never be regained again and they really shouldn’t be investigating anyone.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and text

What FBI agents should be doing is packing up their bags and heading down to the local EDD office, not to harass Trump supporters.

Please share if you agree the FBI should be disbanded…


And this is why we elected Donald Trump to the office of President of the United States of America!


Multiple reports have surfaced today that he Trump administration has made the decision on Friday not to keep sending any more military aid to Pakistan. That’s a saving of $255 million dollars a year to the already overburdened US taxpayer.

In accordance with the Pakistan agreement, the Trump administration can refuse to give monetary aid as a response to its inefficient action against terrorists and militants on its soil.

Not really sure why we kept giving them money even after the 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden was found to be hiding there in a compound close to a military base for years, and was actually being protected by the Pakistani military.

Godfather Politics Reports:


Rand Paul was interviewed by Greta Van Susteren on Fox News about the sequester cuts, which Senator Paul has said will be a “yawn.” She asked him about his own ideas of budget cuts and referred to his proposal to cut foreign aid by about half. She wanted to know which countries he would cut aid from. He replied:


“Well, I think there’s some argument whether it’s been effective. A lot of foreign aid’s been stolen over the years. The Mubarak family in Egypt became very wealthy off of our foreign aid.

In the end, when people were rioting in the streets and protesting Mubarak’s rule and protesting his martial law, he sprayed them with tear gas that he bought with our foreign aid. So I don’t think the foreign aid necessarily endeared us to the Egyptians that were rioting against Mubarak.

But what I would say is I would start by cutting foreign aid from countries who are burning our flag and chanting death to America, countries that don’t really seem to be acting like our allies.”

That would be a start. But what about cutting foreign aid completely? We’re not in favor of our government handing out welfare checks and food stamps even to our own people. And we get really mad when our government hands out these freebies to illegal aliens in our country. So, why would it be OK to give out billions of dollars a year to people who aren’t even Americans at all?


It’s not constitutional to take money from some people in the form of taxes and give it to others for “charitable” purposes. That’s theft. No matter how generous our government thinks it is, it’s still our money that they’re being generous with.

Taking money from us in the form of taxes or borrowing money from other countries or having the Fed print money from nothing in order to give to other countries is just as unconstitutional. If they borrow the money, we’re stuck with the bill to pay it back. If they print the money, that dilutes the value of the dollar. It’s still theft.

In her question, Greta said that “foreign aid has been very effective for us in many parts of the world in achieving certain goals.” This is kind of like saying government education has been very effective. It has been successful in achieving their real goals, but it has completely failed in achieving their stated goals.

It’s not like the billions of dollars we dole out every year to foreign countries is going to feed the starving children or to give to the poor. No, as another Paul mentioned in a presidential debate a couple years ago, foreign aid is “taking money from poor people in a rich country and giving it to rich people in a poor country.”


Once they get the money, they get do with it just about whatever they want as long as it doesn’t harm our government’s agenda. But it also means that that dictator is on the hook to do exactly as our government says to do. If not, then we seek to replace him, and if necessary take him out by assassination.

Even if foreign aid really was effective at helping poor and hungry people in foreign countries or used to build and repair the countries’ infrastructure, it would still be an unconstitutional use of American money. Especially now with our being in such financial dire straits. Now is not the time to be giving out our money to foreign dictators.

Now please explain to me one thing. Why does the United States of America, which is not a rich nation anymore, have to keep feeding money to people who hate us?

We have to be the world’s sugar daddy while we are 20 trillion in debt? Which is an amount we can’t even pay if we were to confiscate the earnings of the entire US population for the year 2016.

Soon just the interest payments alone will amount to more than the whole US yearly GDP.


We just can’t keep giving away our hard earned money anymore. Our government is intent on spending like drunken sailors and they think we the taxpayers are their bottomless piggy banks. This needs to stop. No more aid to nations that hate us. If they want to hate us they can hate us just fine for free. We as a nation need to get smarter about our finances and we need to do this fast because once the debt comes due, there will be no stopping our freefall.

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It will be a somber new years eve for the families of two security guards who were shot and killed at Arizona Charlie’s Casino on Decatur Boulevard near U.S. 95 in Las Vegas Nevada this morning.

Las Vegas police confirmed this senseless act happened in a hotel room inside the casino around 6:45 a.m. local time. But what makes all this even more tragic is that after the shooter killed the security guards the suspect ran to a nearby residence and shot himself. So we might never know what the motive for this crime really was.

The shooter was immediately transported to University Medical Center where his condition, along with his motives, is still unknown at this time. A Las Vegas police spokesman said the identity of the deceased security guards will be released by the Clark County coroner once relatives have been notified. The hotel-casino’s main office did not return any messages seeking a comment about the shooting.

This is just the latest chapter in what seems to be an unusually high number of homicides over the last week in the Las Vegas area.

This latest shooting comes only a day before local law enforcement officers expect tens of thousands of New Year’s Eve tourists on the famed Las Vegas Strip and three months after the city was dealt with the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Officials have been trying to reassure jittery residents and visitors that the city is safe. Even more so in the wake of the October 1st shooting when a high-stakes gambler killed 58 people and injured hundreds more after he shattered the windows of his suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino on the Strip and unleashed a barrage of gunfire on a country music festival below. He then killed himself and no concrete motive has been established in the case.

Via MSN:

New Year’s Eve on Las Vegas Strip will have high security after shooting rampage

LAS VEGAS – Las Vegas officials are expecting lower-than-normal attendance at the New Year’s Eve celebration on the famed Strip, but in light of October’s mass shooting, security will be at its highest level in years.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said this week that the Homeland Security Department had raised the New Year’s Eve celebration to the highest security level under its special events protocols – SEAR level 1. In years past, it was level 3.

The change, he said, will bring snipers with spotters, extra air support, more medical equipment and personnel, and mobile command posts staffed by federal authorities. The same security classification and measures are afforded to the Super Bowl and political party conventions for presidential nominations.

Lombardo said there would be more than 1,500 local police officers deployed for a three-day window.

Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak said he understood New Year’s Eve revelers might be worried about safety after the Oct. 1 mass shooting, and he sought to assuage those concerns.

“Nobody puts on a New Year’s Eve show like Las Vegas, and never will it be as safe as it will be this year,” Sisolak said. “The safety measures in place are impressive.”

It’s been three months since 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire from his 32nd floor hotel room at Mandalay Bay into a crowd of more than 20,000 people at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival on the Strip. He killed 58 people and wounded hundreds of others.

The FBI has revealed little about Paddock’s motives. Special Agent in Charge Aaron C. Rouse said in an interview with The Las Vegas Review-Journal that the FBI would be issuing a report sometime before the anniversary of the shooting.

In an interview with the local CBS affiliate in November, Lombardo said Paddock, a gambler who played a lot of video poker, had sustained losses in recent years and may have been depressed.

Paddock killed himself with a gunshot wound to his mouth, the Clark County coroner said last week.

Officials with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority said tourism was down 4.2 percent for the month of October and that the decline in attendance was attributable to the shooting.

The visitors authority said it expected New Year’s Eve attendance to be down 1.2 percent from last year’s total of 334,000 people. But officials said that expected decline was because of New Year’s Eve falling on a Sunday instead of a Saturday, and a shortage of rooms this year as several casinos are in the middle of renovations.

Officials with the visitors authority said they didn’t have enough data to link the shooting and planned visits on Dec. 31.

New Year’s Eve is a signature event on the Strip and one of the rare times the road is closed to traffic, allowing people to wander along the boulevard and watch fireworks at midnight.

Adrienne Packer, a spokeswoman for the Nevada Department of Transportation, said the 3-mile stretch would be closed to traffic beginning at 5 p.m. and wouldn’t be open again until about 5 a.m. Jan. 1.

She said her department would spend $350,000 on protective measures – up from $120,000 spent last year. She also said her agency would be getting help from other departments, and that authorities would be in plain clothes during the festivities. It is a level of security similar to that imposed after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, she said.

“Everybody in the wake of Oct. 1 is very sensitive to safety,” Packer said. “We want to make sure our visitors and local residents feel safe and comfortable.”

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval authorized 300 National Guard troops to be deployed around the Strip and at McCarran International Airport. That is twice as many as last year.

Mari St. Martin, a spokeswoman for Sandoval, said in a statement that “the horrific tragedy that occurred on Oct. 1 in southern Nevada was cited as a specific reason for the increased request,” and that the “inter-local and mutual aid agreements are not sufficient in supporting the anticipated needs” for the New Year’s Eve events.

After the shooting, Clark County commissioners approved the installation of bollards – short, stubby posts – along the Strip. Sisolak said nearly 800 bollards had been installed since the shooting and 7,500 more would go up in 2018. During the New Year’s Eve celebration, there will be more than 4,200 metal barricades along the Strip.

Officials are prohibiting people walking along the Strip to bring large bags, strollers, backpacks and coolers.

“I recognize that is an inconvenience, but these restrictions are for everyone’s safety,” Sisolak said.

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Nothing would giver conservatives in America more pleasure than to see Hillary and all of her cronies finally receive justice for their dirty dealings.

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While the liberals who run with the Clintons are pretty great at covering their tracks, every now and again they trip up and the house of cards that their lies are built on starts to crumble.

Getting a peek into the world of high-ranking liberals isn’t common because, as every superhero movie watcher knows, the villains have to have some sort of blackmail on you to really trust you.

This kind of system assures mutual destruction if anyone spills the beans, and since no one wants to go the way of Seth Rich, the aids and staffers that surround the former First Lady keep their mouths firmly closed.

However The President’s promises to make Hillary pay for each and every crime that she’s committed just came a lot closer to being a promise kept as we start to see a chink in the armor of the once great Clinton campaign. Right Wing News reports that just like when the government caught Al Capone, it might just be her dirty money that trips Hillary up as well.

As it turns out Hillary, and a few others like her, have been attempting to skirt a law that they shouldn’t have been when it comes to campaign donations.

All was going fine and good until the issue was brought before the Supreme Court and they weighed in on it, not in Hillary’s favor:

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“In 2014, the Supreme Court struck down a law that effectively said how many political candidates any one person could donate to.

Of course, the sky was falling, or millions of people would die, or we were pushing granny off of cliff, if this were to happen. In court, anti-freedom leftist politicians and lawyers said it would create ‘Joint Fundraising Committees’ that would allow single donors to donate millions of dollars at one time and these JFC would rotate the funds through other action committees until the politician in question actually received the money, effectively bypassing the law.

The Supreme Court said this would still be illegal, so no, the sky would not be falling that day.Image may contain: 1 person, night, closeup and text

The great irony, it turns out, is this is exactly what Hillary Clinton was doing all along. Fox News reported the Democrat National Committee and their ilk as ‘us[ing] state chapters as straw men to circumvent campaign donation limits and launder(ing) the money back to her campaign.

The Committee to Defend the President, a political action committee, filed its complaint with the FEC on Monday with the allegations that the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) solicited cash from big-name donors, including Calvin Klein and “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane — money that was allegedly sent through state chapters and back to the DNC before ending up with the Clinton campaign.

Officials with the committee said their filing was spurred by their own analysis of FEC reports, where they said they discovered the HVF either never transferred the money to state chapters and back to the DNC, or did so without the state chapters having actual control.’”

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Once again we get to see what happens when the DNC decides that rules are for poor people, and they ignore the spirit of the law.

It’s been tested time and again that unless someone constantly, actively holds their feet to the fire, Democrats will do everything they can to break the law as much as they can and still stay out of prison.

As it turns out, Hillary might have pushed that line a little too far (or at least we can hope that’s how a judge will see it).

“The ‘Hillary Victory Fund’ solicited six-figure donations, which are illegal, and then rerouted them through state Democrat party funds and the DNC and others like that which finally ended up in the Clinton campaign fund. It is estimated that $84 million was laundered in this manner.

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But don’t worry, if you’re a Republican, you’ll go to jail for this kind of thing.

Campaign finance law is complex. This is definitely on purpose so that politicians can get rich while we get to lick their boots. It is time for some kind of change in this country.

I’m convinced that America as we know it will not exist in the coming decades. A realignment of some sort is coming, and I’m all for it.

We are living in a technologically advanced society that doesn’t need governments that surround arbitrary geographic lines.

It’s time to realign ourselves according to our ideologies and unleash liberty on the masses.Image may contain: 1 person, night, closeup and text

The way it is set up is not working. And we can all see it.”


Thankfully the hands of the Department of Justice have been untied by President Trump’s cabinet and they are systematically trying to sane out every single lawbreaker, like Hillary, and make sure that justice is served.

Even eight years might not be enough time to exterminate the political careers of every lawless politician, but it might be enough to catch Hillary with her hand still in the money-grubbing cookie jar.


The left has called President Donald Trump everything but his name from the time he decided to run against Hillary Clinton.

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As the Trump presidency progresses more and more has been uncovered about just how crooked and despicable the Obama administration was. In the era of Harvey Weinstein, #MeToo, and rampant accusations of sexual misconduct, those pious leftists quick to label President Donald Trump a sexist, pervert, or worse are now going to have to eat a little crow.

A new report from the Department of Justice’s inspector general details just how tainted former President Barack Obama’s presidency was with allegations of sexual misconduct. The Washington Postreports on what they term as a department was marred with “systemic” issues regarding sexual harassment complaints in the past five years.

Yet conveniently neglected to mention any leadership to be held accountable for allowing such a culture to flourish. Apparently, holding the likes of Obama and former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch accountable for their actions…ANY of their actions is simply too much to ask.

The Washington Post reports –

“Justice supervisors have mishandled complaints, the IG said, and some perpetrators were given little discipline or even later rewarded with bonuses or performance awards. At the same time, the number of allegations of sexual misconduct has been increasing over the past five years and the complaints have involved senior Justice Department officials across the country.

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The cases examined by the IG’s office include a U.S. attorney who had a sexual relationship with a subordinate and sent harassing texts and emails when it ended; a Civil Division lawyer who groped the breasts and buttocks of two female trial attorneys; and a chief deputy U.S. marshal who had sex with “approximately” nine women on multiple occasions in his U.S. Marshals Service office, according to investigative reports obtained by The Washington Post under a Freedom of Information Act request.”

The Justice Department required “high-level action” to combat a rampant culture of harassment and abuse, fostering an environment where the ignoring or mishandling complaints of sexual misconduct was the norm even amongst senior officials in the Obama administration, according to the IG’s report. Despite the issue increasing in severity during Obama’s second term, Washington Post reporter Sari Horwitz declined to mention senior administration officials, even though the “most troubling allegations” according to the IG, happened under their watch.

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Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz stated –

“We’re talking about presidential appointees, political appointees, FBI special agents in charge, U.S. attorneys, wardens, a chief deputy U.S. marshal, a U.S. marshal assistant director, a deputy assistant attorney general. When employees engage in such misconduct, it profoundly affects the victim and affects the agency’s reputation, undermines the agency’s credibility, and lowers employee productivity and morale. Without strong action from the Department to ensure that DOJ employees meet the highest standards of conduct and accountability, the systemic issues we identified in our work may continue.

We were troubled to learn that subjects of pending sexual misconduct investigations or individuals who had been recently disciplined for sexual misconduct still received performance awards.”

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According to the IG’s report, one woman, alleged she was repeatedly groped and endured “sexually charged comments,” said she became so disturbed by her harasser that she “was terrified I was going to get in the elevator and he would be in there.”