Dems Use Immigrant Gold Medalist To Slam Trump – Backfires BIG With What She Said Instead! Hell Yeah!

The 2018 Winter Olympics has gone on record as the most politically controversial games of our time and it’s only getting worse before it’s over. Rather than using this world-uniting event for how it’s intended, divisive liberal Americans are insistent on grinding their agenda into every aspect of the games and ruining it for the exceptional Olympians who have worked hard their whole lives to be there.

All the controversial points liberals are wanting to bring attention to have been entered into the Olympics at this point, except for a huge one they have been holding off on until the right time. Democrats thought they had their opportunity when an immigrant American won a gold medal and tried to use her to slam President Donald Trump, like so many other US Olympians have done. However, it blew up spectacularly in their face with what she said instead.

Chloe Kim, is only 17 years old and she is making headlines everywhere after bringing home a gold medal as an unexpected champion. However, she’s sharing her sudden spotlight with someone else who was at the games with her. The US Olympic snowboarder claimed one of the first gold medals for Team USA and while she was competing, all eyes were on her immigrant father in the crowd who held up a “Go Chloe” sign the entire time supporting his daughter who he has been there for every step up the way. Chloe herself is a Korean American, but her father wasn’t always a citizen.

Chloe’s number one supporter and her biggest fan has been by her side all along and she is making sure he gets the recognition he deserves.
Jong Jin immigrated to America from South Korea back in 1982 because he wanted to achieve the “American Dream” and he is proving that he has done that. He came to America the legal way, following all of America’s rules and processes of becoming a legal citizen. Jong has been a dedicated father and has supported Chloe through her entire Olympic training, even leaving behind a successful career to help his daughter achieve her goals.

This father/daughter story is impressive and has touched the hearts of many watching the games. It proves that through dedication, hard work, determination, and respect for the process, that dreams can be achieved. For Chloe, it was a gold medal, but for her father, it was the dream of becoming an American citizen and ability to offer his family a life of freedom and opportunity. However, Democrats twisted the reality of this Olympian’s situation in hopes to use it against Trump to discredit his immigration policy that liberals are adamantly against. This divisive stance backfired after what Chloe had to say on the matter.

CNN reports:

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin inserted the hot-button political issue of immigration into the Winter Games when telling the story of Chloe Kim, the teen phenom who won a gold medal in the women’s halfpipe.

Speaking from the Senate floor — next to a picture of Kim with her arms outstretched in joy while holding an American flag — and later at a news conference, Durbin, a Democrat, talked about Kim’s father, Jong Jin Kim, who came to California from Korea in 1982.

Jong Jin Kim didn’t have a college degree, spoke little English and had nothing but a Korean-English dictionary and $300 in his pocket.
“He decided to go to school. He picked up a degree in engineering technology,” Durbin said Tuesday. “He decided to start a family. A nice little family. And a little girl, who had a special skill when it came to snowboarding. That girl was Chloe Kim, and she won a gold medal last night at the Olympics.”

Then Durbin went there, saying if the US had the kind of hard-line immigrations policies on the books that President Trump and his GOP allies want, Kim’s family wouldn’t have been allowed to come here.

“It’s a story of an immigrant family. A man who might not have passed some of the merit-based tests that we’re hearing around here,” Durbin said. “But who came to the United States determined to make a life and to bring a family forward.”

Durbin made a complete fool out of himself and only proved Trump’s immigration policy to be as effective as the president has said it is. When Chloe was awarded the hard-earned gold medal, she told NBC Sports, “I worked so hard to get to this point and just coming here and being able to land was my main goal.I was so happy I could do it and take home the gold.”

Then she added what it took to get to this point, ironically achieving her goal where her family immigrated from. “My family has sacrificed so much for me and accomplish this dream of mine. Being able to do that in their home country is amazing.”

Trump’s immigration policy is not a matter of keeping people out or kicking them out, it’s about ensuring legal processes of becoming a citizen and that the right reasons for wanting to. It wasn’t easy for Chloe’s father to come to America and wait and work hard to become a citizen, but he did it for his family and he did it legally. There are no shortcuts in life, as she’s proven with her own dedication to her goal of winning a gold medal. Had her father cheated the system, she would have learned a different way to live, but instead, her dad raised a champion by being a hero himself.

19 thoughts to “Dems Use Immigrant Gold Medalist To Slam Trump – Backfires BIG With What She Said Instead! Hell Yeah!”

  1. so true she is a smart person and I’m proud of her father for doing the right things to be here congrat on your win thank you.

  2. What is it about LEGAL immigration that the Dem,’s don’t get? Their rheotric is simply willful ignorance on display. Hatred 4 President Trump has so consumed them, that their logic has become totally irrational.

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  4. Congrats Chloe for bringing home gold, I am so proud of you and your father for teaching the meaning of hard work,being honest and doing things the right way.

  5. They came over the correct way. Not like DACA or dreamers. Democrats leave politics out of the Olympic Games. You’re all an embarrassment. Congratulations Chloe

  6. Congratulation Chloe,I came here legally in 1976 with a family of five ,me ,my wife and 3 daughters.My 3 daughters now each graduated from college,has a good job and good family .For me I had MBA and MD had a perfect job and retired with great pension. We all immigrants except Illegal and Legal Immigrants.Please don’t say that immigrants are the same.


  8. God bless you & your family Chloe. America is very proud to call your family Americans. We are also very proud of you for bringing home a gold medal for your home country. Again, God bless you all ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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