Hard times can overtake any of us and if you don’t have a great safety net those hard times might just destroy your life by making you lose your home or car, or both.Image result for breaking news

Because most of Americans don’t have the proper amount of “hard times insurance,” the government has a program that has got your back, in the form of unemployment pay.

Unfortunately, unemployment is something that many abuse in order to support their illegal habits.

Unemployment was meant to be something that could get a hard working person out of an unexpected jam until they’re able to find more work. Sadly, those who are terminated from their jobs due to the choice they made to use illegal drugs are abusing the unemployment program to continue to use those drugs and still have a means of income, but not for much longer.

The Trump Administration is once again fixing what the Obama admin wasn’t able to do.

The Hill reports that lawmakers are rolling back the strict stipulations on drug testing prior to receiving unemployment and working on a sweeping mandate that will ensure that your tax dollars aren’t going to fund someone’s meth habit:

“The Trump administration is looking to bring back and broaden a rule that Congress killed last year requiring drug testing for unemployment benefits.

Using the Congressional Review Act (CRA), Republicans in March repealed an Obama-era rule that limited the ability of states to drug test people applying for unemployment pay.

Republicans said the 2016 rule was too narrow because it only allowed states to drug test people whose occupations already regularly required it. That category included airplane pilots, flight crews and air traffic controllers, commercial and public transit drivers and any job requiring an employee to carry a firearm.

Now the Labor Department has signaled it plans to issue a broader rule that will redefine which occupations are those that regularly drug test.”

Our overburdened social programs are just the start of what the Trump Administration wants to fix while he’s in office. Conservatives have long been frustrated with the atrocious government overreach that grew out of proportion under the DNC’s iron fist.Image result for breaking news

However, that all ends now. This isn’t the first law that the Republican-ruled houses of Congress want to roll back, and the President will no doubt sign anything that comes to his desk if it concerns putting the government in its rightful place.

Republicans last year used the CRA process to repeal a slew of Obama administration regulations.

The 1996 law states that, once a regulation is repealed under the law, agencies are barred from re-issuing the same rule or a “substantially similar” rule in the future without an act of Congress.

With President Trump in the White House, the Republican-controlled Congress used the CRA to toss out 15 regulations — most recently one the independent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued to protect consumers’ right to settle disputes with financial institutions in court.”

Officials who support the reinvention of the drug testing program believe that it will not only help the government’s bottom line, but it will inspire the workforce to stop doing whatever they were doing to get themselves fired, and get out there and work, which will once again help the economy.

“Doug Holmes, president of Strategic Services on Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation, however, said if people have an expectation of being paid unemployment benefits under the federal statute, they need to make themselves able and available to work — and doing so means passing a drug test.

‘This is an insurance program, it’s not public assistance,’ he said.

Holmes said the last regulation was too restrictive in identifying those individuals who could be subject to a drug test and only allowed states to drug test when an individual applied for unemployment benefits, instead of on an ongoing basis.

‘An individual has to be available and able to work. If they’re not available and able to work, week by week by week, then they don’t meet the requirements to be paid unemployment compensation benefits,’ he said. ‘If an individual has a significant problem that renders him or her unavailable to work, the appropriate response is to refer them to a place to get help. They should not be paid unemployment benefits.’

In a statement, Labor Department spokesman Eric Holland said only that the agency is ‘diligently working on a new proposal regarding unemployment compensation drug testing that will be substantially different from the prior rule.’

‘When it is ready, we will publish it in the Federal Register for review and comment by the public,’ he said.”

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Currently there are only three states doing any drug testing which are Texas, Mississippi, and Wisconsin. This should change by June of this year however if things go well. That’s when the Labor Department plans to put forth the new rules.

BREAKING!! She BANNED Muslims! Now She’s Running For Governor!


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If there’s one thing that pisses liberals off  more than anything, it’s people speaking out against their precious Muslims. With President Trump building a wall and rounding up illegal vermin to ship back to their home country of Mexico, liberals are freaking the hell out, as illegals comprise the majority of their faithful swath of brainless voters. With their Mexican voter base drying up, liberals are now frantically fighting to keep and bring more Muslim “refugees” to our country, knowing that these invaders will provide a nice cushy voter base for years to come. But now liberals have a brand new reason to be pissed off today, after learning that the very same feisty outspoken conservative woman who banned Muslims from firing at her gun range is now announced her plans to run for governor, and already leftists are pitching a giant fit.

Jan Morgan is a FOX News contributor who is very outspoken in her conservative beliefs and echos Trump’s goal to “make America safe again.” So obviously, letting a bunch of Muslims into her gun range to practice their future jihad skills on America immediately made Morgan change the policy at the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range, the range she owns in Hot Springs, Arizona. She decided to make her range a “Muslim free zone,” which of course sent liberals into a collective meltdown, where they immediately branded Morgan as a “bigot.” “I refuse to train the next Islamic terrorist,” Morgan wrote on her site at the time, the Kansas City Star reported.

But banning Muslims at the facility she owns could soon be the least of liberals’ distress, as Morgan has now announced her plans to throw her hat in the race for Arizona governor. New York Daily News reported on Morgan’s decision to run.

“My American Dream is to wake up one day to discover I no longer have to fight. My dream is a victorious end to the constant attacks on our Constitution and Bill of Rights by our own citizens and an out-of-control government,” Morgan stated.

Morgan’s signature issue will be gun rights, according to campaign materials.

“I have devoted my time and energy to fighting the persistent attacks on the Second Amendment because, without it, we have no means to defend the remaining Bill of Rights,” Morgan says on her site.

She states that her “goal” is to repeal “the thousands of gun control laws on the books in America so we can return to our Founders’ original position on gun rights.”

“The Second Amendment is my line in the sand,” she writes, adding the Greek phrase “Molon labe” meaning “come and take.”

In the “Meet Jan” section of the gubernatorial candidate’s site, Morgan is described as a “wife and a mother” who “also shoots guns and riders her own Harley!”

A photo shows her wearing a Trump hat that says, “Make American Great Again.”

It’s so awesome to see a strong conservative woman taking the reins in our country and doing her part to make our country great again. More than ever, we need more outspoken warriors like Morgan who doesn’t give a flying crap about political correctness when it comes to doing what’s right for our country.

Conservative Bombshell Who Opened “Muslim-Free” Gun Range Makes Even Bigger Announcement

Over 3 years ago, Jan Morgan caused a liberal meltdown by declaring her Arkansas gun range a “Muslim Free Zone.” Now, the conservative bombshell has yet another announcement that’s sure to make leftists just as outraged.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and indoor

In 2014, anti-Sharia activist and Second Amendment-supporter Jan Morgan broke the internet when she proclaimed that her shooting range, Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range, in Hot Springs was officially a “Muslim-Free Zone.” The fiery female intellectual held her own against a barrage of furious liberals accusing her of “Islamophobia” and racism, reiterating that she is responsible for protecting her patrons from followers of the ideology that explicitly commands the slaughter of non-Muslims.

Expectedly, Morgan sparked hatred from the left and admiration from the right for vowing that her firing range would neither be used to “train the next Islamic terrorist” nor any “Nazi” or “Ku Klux Klan member,” as each political ideology is founded upon discriminate violence. However, as controversial and brilliant as her aforementioned business decision was, it’s nothing compared to her latest career move.

According to The Daily Wire, Morgan announced on Facebook in December that she is officially running for Governor of Arkansas against current Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson, who she blasted as someone who “campaigns like a conservative but governs like a liberal Democrat.”

While Morgan embodies the qualities of a Trump-supporting conservative, she reiterated that her main focus will be preserving the Second Amendment and placing control of the government back into the hands of the people.

Morgan is already striking fear into the hearts of liberals and those who support Big Government with her gun-toting, Harley-riding campaign.

“My American Dream is to wake up one day to discover I no longer have to fight. My dream is a victorious end to the constant attacks on our Constitution and Bill of Rights by our own citizens and an out-of-control government,” Morgan writes on the site. “I have devoted my time and energy to fighting the persistent attacks on the Second Amendment because, without it, we have no means to defend the remaining Bill of Rights,” Morgan says on her site.

She states that her “goal” is to repeal “the thousands of gun control laws on the books in America so we can return to our Founders’ original position on gun rights. The Second Amendment is my line in the sand,” she writes, adding the Greek phrase “Molon labe” meaning “come and take.”

Another of Morgan’s positions is the drastic cutting of frivolous government spending as well as tax relief.

“We must cut waste in state spending. But this doesn’t mean sacrificing essential services to the poor, the elderly, the sick, and the disabled,” she said. “Nor does it mean cutting badly needed funds that our counties depend on.” She added that “there is plenty of waste to cut.”

Liberals have relentlessly tried to silence Morgan through lawsuits, alleging that she has violated the Civil Rights Act by banning Muslims from her business. However, the feisty gun range owner has deflected their claims by sourcing the bigotry and threats found in the Quran, which they hypocritically ignore. Incredibly, the controversy surrounding her “Muslim ban” has only boosted her business.

“…If you are a Muslim, then you have made a conscious decision to align with Islam, and surely you have read the Quran…I’m going to air on the side of caution for the safety of my customers. I can’t hand you a loaded gun if you agree with those verses.”

Absurdly, Morgan’s been accused of “feeding the mantra of radicalization” by prohibiting Muslims from using her gun range instead of the Quran, which repeatedly invokes racism, slavery, violence, and oppression. Of course, Morgan isn’t the cause of any Muslim’s decision to become more devout by beheading or raping an infidel, just like their prophet did over 1,400 years ago.

In fact, none of the more than 270 million non-Muslims slaughtered by Muslims since Islam’s founding are responsible for the bloodshed commanded by the Quran. Still, liberals continue to victim-blame instead of pointing the finger at the murderous jihadists and their barbaric texts.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and indoor

With a gun on her hip and a Trump hat covering her long auburn locks, Jan Morgan is exactly the kind of woman that liberals fear and despise, which is exactly what we need in office.

BREAKING: DOJ Found It! Hit Hillary 4 Times Over!


Trump ran on the promise to “lock her up” and prosecute Hillary for the decades of crimes she committed. On the first day of the year our hopes for this woman’s demise were reignited, after President Trump took to twitter and called for the immediate arrest of Hillary Clinton.

Then on Thursday night, unbelievable news broke that Trump’s Justice Department would be reopening their investigation into Hillary’s private email server, after evidence emerged that FBI Director Comey instructed his minions to bury evidence of Hillary’s felonies from the investigation.

If that wasn’t enough news to send Hillary into cardiac arrest, now news is surfacing that her email server is ONE of FOUR investigations that’s about to railroad her, as President Trump appears to be upholding his promise to “drain the swamp” of the rats that have infested D.C. for decades.

It’s only a few days into January and it’s already proving to be a crappy year for the ‘Butcherer of Benghazi.’ According to scandalous new reports, we’re learning that the only reason this swamp witch wasn’t sent to prison for her email scandal in the first place was because then-FBI director Comey hid evidence, and instructed FBI staffers to remove evidence that would’ve proven felony and misdemeanor charges.

With the DOJ now reopening this entire case in light of Comey’s shady antics, this is unfortunately for Hillary, one of only four investigations to come, as President Trump is announcing that the gloves are off. According to The Daily wire, here’s the other investigations that Hillary will soon be facing.

Former FBI Director James Comey’s original memo regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server was edited by FBI staffers to remove five references suggesting Clinton engaged in activities that would suggest felony and misdemeanor charges, according to obtained copies of the original memo.

1. The Clinton Foundation

The Hill reported on Thursday that the FBI has launched a new investigation into the Clinton Foundation which focuses on whether the Clinton’s engaged in any pay-to-play politics or other illegal activities during Clinton’s time as Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

2. Clinton’s Use Of A Private Email Server

On Thursday, The Hill published a reported from John Solomon which featured Comey’s original draft on the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server. The draft showed that the term “gross negligence” was used multiple times and specifically said that there was evidence to conclude that Clinton committed a felony. Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok, who talked about having an “insurance policy” against Trump, softened the language in Comey’s draft so Clinton could avoid possible criminal charges.

A senior law enforcement official told Solomon that the DOJ “was exploring whether any issues from that probe should be re-opened but cautioned the effort was not at the stage of a full investigation.”

3. Uranium One

Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered federal prosecutors at the DOJ in December to begin interviewing FBI agents about the evidence they collected during a criminal investigation into the controversial Uranium One deal, which directly involved the Clintons.

There are multiple aspects at play in this investigation, from the Obama administration threatening a witness to stay quiet because they did not want him testifying to Congress because it would impact the 2016 presidential election, to the Russian officials who were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion, and money laundering directly connected to the Uranium One deal.

4. The Obama Administration Ending Investigations Into Hezbollah

In December, Politico published a bombshell report about how the Obama administration ended a massive federal investigation, dubbed “Project Cassandra,” into the Iranian-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah.

The Obama administration’s decision to sabotage the investigation so it could secure the Iran nuclear deal allowed Hezbollah to traffic hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cocaine into the United States and allowed them to operate “the largest material support scheme for terrorism operations’ the world had ever seen.”

A little over a week after the report came out, congressional leaders announced that they were launching an investigation into the Obama administration’s efforts to end the Hezbollah investigation.

This could include investigating Clinton because she was Obama’s Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013 and the State Department was involved in the Obama administration’s efforts to end the investigation, according to the report.

Politico reported, “Further complicating the picture was the role of the State Department, which often wanted to quash both law-enforcement actions and covert operations due to the political backlash they created.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg however. Over the past several weeks, disturbing scandals have erupted around both Hillary and Huma for their unbelievable treason against this country.

We learned recently that the crooked pair removed 5 boxes of “Muslim files” from the White House to cover Obama’s dirty secrets, where the deed was accomplished after they falsely claimed that the box contained “unclassified personal materials.”

Additionally, the State Department released a giant batch of emails that were on Abedin’s pedophile husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop at the end of the presidential campaign that were so scandalous, that the contents prompted FBI director James Comey to reopen an investigation into Hillary Clinton.

On top of that, Abedin forwarded top level intelligence, including State Department passwords to Yahoo, where America’s top secrets are now in the possession of hackers. Abedinn’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood terror group is also coming under closer scrutiny, after the New York Post chronicled  her ties to terrorists, where they ran an investigative piece about her work at the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs from 1995 through 2008, a Sharia Law journal whose editor in chief was Abedin’s own mother.

So is the time for Hillary Clinton’s lawless decades of antics and crime finally over? According to leaked intelligence reports, President Trump is preparing GITMO for a  a large number of  “VIP American detainees to the facility,” in preparation for their hearings before a US Military Tribunal.

While this story has largely been a rumor up until now, what Huma Abedin was spotted wearing on her ankle last night is lending credence to the theory that Trump is about to lock her up. And to make matters even more dire, Wikileaks just dumped another huge batch of documents that could add even more time onto Hillary’s prison sentence for the treason she committed while serving as Secretary of State.

Game Changer ?! Ruth Ginsburg Gets Devastating News, Federal Law Requires …

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg deny calls from many corners to excuse herself from the high court’s deliberations of Trump’s travel ban plan, considering her hostility toward the CEO.

Image result for Game Changer ?! Ruth Ginsburg Gets Devastating News, Federal Law Requires …

Although The Supreme Court set June 12 as a due date to tell their decision on the travel ban, Trump’s government demanded to speed up the process. This means that the decision of keeping or declining the Forth Circuit order blocking implementation of the question could occur soon.

When Trump took the Presidential seat, Ginsburg used every opportunity to criticize him on social media.

“He is a faker. He has no consistency about him, “she told CNN last July. “He says whatever comes into his head at the moment. He really has an ego. How has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns? ”

When The Associated Press asked her how the Supreme Court may be affected by a Trump administration, she stated: “I do not want to think about that possibility, but if it should be, then everything is up for grabs.”

Then, she shared her hatred in The New York Times, “I can not imagine what this place would be – I can not imagine what the country would be – with Donald Trump as our president.”

She also recalled on something her late husband used to say: “Now it’s time for us to move to New Zealand.”

Gregg Jarrett said for Fox News that “[a] ny justice … shall disqualify himself [or herself] in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned. He shall also disqualify himself … where he has a personal bias or prejudice concerning a party. ”

Image result for Ruth Ginsburg

Attorney David Weisberg in an opinion piece for The Hill on Monday stated that the lawful Code of Conduct is fair in regards to Ginsburg’s contrary to Trump’ deeds and her need to excuse herself in the travel ban case.

The code declares that a judge need to not “publicly endorse or oppose a candidate for public office.”

The code further states that “[a] judge … should act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.”

On July 13 The New York Times editorial board rebuked Ginsburg after her mean anti-Trump comments, expressing that “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs to drop the political punditry and the name-calling.”

Day after Ginsburg issued an announcement:

“On reflection, my recent remarks in response to press inquiries were ill-advised, and I regret making them. Judges should avoid commenting on a candidate for public office. In the future I will be more circumspect. ”

Image result for Game Changer ?! Ruth Ginsburg Gets Devastating News, Federal Law Requires …

The past fall liberal Harvard law educator Allen Dershowitz said that Ginsburgmust to excuse herself from all Trump related cases, given her past comments.

Jarrett closes up his opinion with, “The noble traditions of the Supreme Court will be compromised should Ruth Bader Ginsburg decide she is above the law and beyond the scruples it demands.”

Video Source Top Stories Today:

Rude Reporter Disrespects President Trump, So Sarah Sanders Issues Brutal Reality Check

During Thursday’s press briefing at the White House, a rude reporter went off the rails in her line of questioning and needlessly disrespected President Donald Trump.Image may contain: 2 people, close-up

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, having dealt with this sort of thing before, was quick to issue a brutal reality check which the insolent reporter won’t soon forget.

NBC’s Kirsten Welker is the latest White House reporter to start a senseless feud with press secretary Sarah Sanders, asking ridiculous, irrelevant, and aimless questions about the president in an apparent attempt to trash the Trump administration whilst getting Sanders fired up.

 On Wednesday, Welker embarked on an absurd line of questioning surrounding President Trump’s tweets about North Korea after he released a blistering tweet on January 2. “North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the ‘Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times,’” Trump wrote. “Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!”

In reference to the tweet, Welker asked, “Isn’t it dangerous for the president to be taunting [Kim Jong-un] on Twitter?”

“I don’t think that it’s taunting to stand up for the people of this country,” Sanders retorted. “I think what’s dangerous is to ignore the continued threats. If the previous administration had done anything and dealt with North Korea, dealt with Iran, instead of sitting by and doing nothing, we wouldn’t have to clean up their mess now.”

On Thursday, Welker was back at it with her antics, this time bringing up the current spat between Trump and Steve Bannon instead of focusing on more important news.

In a continuation of the feud from yesterday, Kirsten Welker of NBC, pushed Sarah on the on-going spat between Trump and Steve Bannon.

After an eventful evening yesterday with Trump’s lawyers sending cease-and-desist letters to Steve Bannon and Michael Wolff regarding an upcoming book, the reporters would not stop asking about it despite there being much more newsworthy events happening. [Source: US Truth Wire]

“As a candidate, President Trump threatened some 20 lawsuits and followed through with two of them. Why should Steve Bannon and Michael Wolff be concerned?” Welker asked Sanders on Thursday.

“I think that regardless of whether there is a lawsuit or not they should be concerned about peddling fake stories,” replied Sanders. “They should be concerned about putting out information that’s not true. They should be concerned about the fact that we are spending all of our time here focused on talking about THIS instead of things that the people in this country care about.”

“Doesn’t this run the risk of increasing book sales by drawing attention to this?” Welker asked stupidly.

“I think you guys are the ones that are drawing the attention,” scoffed Sanders. “Every question, basically, that I’ve been asked has to do with that. It’s not like I came out here and read excerpts from the book, so I don’t think that I would be responsible for the questions that you ask. In fact, if I tried to do that, I’m sure I would certainly be attacked for trying.”

Unbelievable! This sorry excuse for a journalist actually accused Sarah Sanders of drawing attention to the book when the reporter was the one who wouldn’t quit asking questions about it! This may be a new low, even for NBC.

Image may contain: 2 people, close-up

Indeed, it would seem ridiculous for a White House reporter to be wasting time on such an absurd line of questioning. However, many of these lame reporters have learned that attacking the Trump administration when there is more relevant news to cover earns them notoriety, according to BizPac Review.

These idiotic media trolls can continue to play their games, but Sarah Sanders is not about to let any of them pull one over on her. She’s got lots of experience in dealing with infantile individuals, as she has three toddlers at home.


Depraved liberal predators have been coming out of the woodwork in droves within the last 30 days, as women claiming to be victims of various forms of sexual misconduct keep surfacing daily.

Related image

The one thing that the attackers have in common is that they all seem to be liberal, many of whom have railed on President Donald Trump for something he said almost a decade ago – not did. Karma is coming back to haunt them and it continues to get worse each day. Now, it has just reached a low point with the leader of the dirty Democrat pack being former President Barack Obama himself.

Trump’s successor will soon be finding himself in a world of hurt if everything in this video is as bad as it looks. This could be the final straw that ends the Obama’s marriage which seemed to already be teetering on the edge of failure.

A video of Barack Obama allegedly engaging in some grossly inappropriate sexual misconduct just surfaced at a non-coincidental time. CNN has reportedly had the footage in their possession for quite some time and finally released it after he was out of the White House when it could do no damage to him. We’ve seen that these Democrats can legitimately get away with murder if Hillary Clinton’s body count tells us anything. Now, the leader of the party that pushes “women’s rights” will likely get away with abusing his power and disrespecting a woman under uncomfortable circumstances.

After the now infamous Grab ’em” comment Donald Trump made on a hot mic before he was president, Barack publicly called his successor “repugnant.” It now seems like he was deflecting in those remarks because what Trump said pales in comparison to Barack’s dirty secret in this grotesque footage which he hasn’t, and probably won’t, apologize for. On the flip side, Trump did actually ask for forgiveness and admitted that he has “never been perfect.” This was an honorable response and while the left continues to punish him for his 2011 remarks, they are strangely silent about Barack and his “dancing erection.”



“Turns out, this video has existed since 2008, and CNN has been hiding it,” Three Percenter Nation claims. “Think about this, NBC had the infamous Trump tapes and could have released them during the Primary Elections against Ted Cruz. Instead, they waited until Trump was running against Democrat Hillary Clinton. CNN has done something even more despicable. They hid the video altogether to protect Obama, who, obviously, has survived two election cycles.”

If it’s true that CNN intentionally concealed this footage from three presidential elections ago, then the network is even more depraved than we already knew. What makes it worse, is all the attention they gave Trump’s “locker room” remarks to a reporter while knowingly keeping this disturbing video of Barack a secret.

PJ Media uncovered more of this apparent cover-up. The site reports:

Back in 2008, at least a portion of the below video of Obama flaunting himself did appear on CNN’s website.

However, no media coverage made any reference to lewdness. There was just reference to the unremarkable news that Obama was … wearing jeans.

CNN captioned the clip with only what follows, which Michelle Malkin and Allahpundit took note of at the time:

“Obama in jeans: Sen. Barack Obama surprises the press corps by wearing jeans.”

It appears that the portion of the video that would have created a firestorm had been circumsized by CNN editors.

This link to the video, as it appeared on CNN’s site at the time, was included in Allahpundit’s post:

That link is no longer active. Neither is this one, which purportedly linked to the CNN video that had been uploaded to YouTube:

It’s clear that the Democrat party is dirty in a number of ways and there’s no hiding from all the sexual misconduct issues and truly disturbing sex crimes they have been keeping under wraps for years. Proving this is a list of 24 liberal sex scandals that mainstream media is refusing to report, as compiled by The Daily Wire:

1. Four new women accuse Bill Clinton of sexual assault. (11/20/2017)

Former President Bill Clinton was accused of multiple incidents by four women. We already know about his lust for using an intern to hold his cigar and how he may have ruined her dress with some bodily fluids. What’s up with the other accusations? Daily Mail ran this story.

2. Congresswoman accuses Democrat former Congressman Bob Filner of sexually assaulting her. (11/21/2017)

According to the Huffington Post, Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) accused former congressman Bob Filner of trying to pin her in an elevator and forcibly kiss her.

The Huffington Post ran this? Shocking. They’re about as leftist as one could get and it’s a breath of fresh air to see that they would run a story against a Democrat. I still think the HuffPost horrible site filled with virtue signalers, Black Lives Matter enthusiasts, and gender study liberals and feminists, but that’s just my opinion.

Related image

3. California Democrat Raul Bocanegra resigns leadership position and won’t seek re-election over sexual allegations. (11/20/2017)

The Los Angeles Times reported that California Democratic Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra said he would suspend his campaign and not seek re-election in the face that a story would be dropping about six women accusing him of sexual harassment.

Not seeking reelection smells like guilt to me.

4. Democrat congressional candidate from New Mexico David Alcon was arrested for stalking in New Mexico. (11/13/2017)

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Alcon was arrested after sending a woman persistent messages, including of his genitals, telling her he loved her and suggesting he was watching her.

Hasn’t anyone learned from Anthony Weiner that we don’t send private pics anymore? When you’re a politician, the last thing you do is send some chick a picture of your penis and corny messages like you’re some desperate chump who can’t get a woman. If a woman wants to see it, then she needs to see it in person. Sending pictures of your privates will only bite you on the rear end later. Take it from the king of private pics, Mr. Anthony Weiner himself. Don’t do it. But did CNN run the story and show the pics? Doubt it.

5. 10 women accuse Colorado Democratic lawmaker Steve Lebsock of sexual harassment. (11/10/2017)

CBS Denver reports that the 10 women include a legislative aide who harassed her at a bar.

10 women is a lot. Are the accusations true? Did CNN run the story and ask every accuser and do the stories match up? 1 woman is a lot, but when 10 say it, then you have to wonder.

6. Colorado Democratic House Speaker Crisanta Duran accused of ‘covering up’ sexual allegations against Democrat Steve Lebsock. (11/14/2017)

According to The Denver Post:

Colorado’s top Democratic lawmaker is under fire for how she handled a colleague’s sexual harassment complaint against a member of their party and now faces calls for an independent investigation.

I bet women are thrilled to hear about a woman hiding sexual allegations. Was she in on it? What was her reward for covering up the possible crimes? What did CNN have to say about it?

7. Minnesota Democratic lawmaker Dan Schoen resigns over sexual harassment allegations. (11/21/2017)

The MinnPost reported that two women accused Schoen of sexually harassing them. One was a former DFL candidate for House who alleged that he grabbed her buttocks, telling her she had a “good door-knocking ass.”

What exactly is a “door-knocking ass?” I have not ever heard of that before. I know a good one when I see it, and that’s not something I’ve ever referred to one as. Men can’t say they don’t look – because we do. Everyone looks. However, looking and committing sexual harassment is a huge difference. Everyone looks at each other in one way or another, but that does not warrant any type of grabbing. You can look at the merchandise, but you can’t touch it.

8. A third woman accuses California Democrat Sen. Tony Mendoza of sexual harassment. (11/16/2017)

According to the Sacramento Bee, a woman said that California state Sen. Tony Mendoza behaved inappropriately toward her when she worked in his Capitol office seven years as a legislative aide in Sacramento.

I wonder what his “inappropriate” behavior consists of. Was it comments? Grabbing? Sexually charged text messages? What was it, Tony?

9. Sexual harassment controversy threatens to ensnare California Democratic Senate leader Kevin de León. (11/11/2017)

The Mercury News reported that there are questions about whether Kevin de León may have helped to try to cover-up complaints against Sen. Tony Mendoza.

Related image

If Tony’s act requires a cover-up, then it probably wasn’t a very nice gesture or behavior towards women.

10. Democrat Randor commissioners president Philip Ahr charged with multiple counts of child pornography. (10/11/2017)

According to The Inquirer, Philip Ahr was arrested on numerous felony counts. Authorities said Ahr sent and received hundreds of images of child sexual abuse — some involving infants and toddlers, others depicting sadomasochistic abuse and abuse involving children and animals.

I’m going to vomit. This is disgusting. There is enough weird adult content on the Internet that one does not ever have to look at something like this. This is horrible. I searched CNN for “Philip Ahr” and their website provided NO results. CNN did NOT cover this incident at all. Not even a mention of the man and his disgusting crime. I took a screenshot to prove it